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Topic subjectRE: D didn't win a DAMN thang at mtv vmas...
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21752, RE: D didn't win a DAMN thang at mtv vmas...
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-08-00 10:13 AM
>I love D', and that song,
>but I didn't expect him
>to win anything and I
>don't think he deserved to.
> This was a video
>music awards show, and as
>novel and unique the video
>was, I don't think it
>was anything particularly impressive.

This video was impressive, in that D poured his soul into this song. And even though you may not have been impressed on how the video was presented, it was still unique! I don't think that that video would have gotten the recognition it has if D had have been sexin some honey in it, and I think that's what makes it unique. This black man is soulllllllllll, and them white folks at MTV just 'aint ready to give D his props. I think they were probably thinkin that they couldn't possibly give out an award to a naked black man-and that's exactly why D walked away with nothin!