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Topic subjectRE: Damn Man!!!
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21749, RE: Damn Man!!!
Posted by silver, Fri Sep-08-00 10:52 AM
How could you be shocked when you know that Destiny's Child is the PosterChildren For Fakeness! I mean I know we were there together and saw all of the Cake-up on their faces!! :D
I mean they just fit into the wack ass fold!!! So naturally they won and in true trlism style, had something to prove to Mtv! (that they could do without the extra member)(hehehe!!)I guess they fear they wouldn't fit into the popsicle train anymore! Anyhoo, The highlight-Seeing D with his hair not done! (hair everywhere!) In all of his ghettoness! Looking good!!:9 Why do I get the feeling that if Puffy wasn't around, D would've gotten it from Jennifer!! WHOOHOOO!!!!

Peace & Blessings