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Topic subjectDamn Man
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21745, Damn Man
Posted by MeAnD_7, Fri Sep-08-00 06:54 AM
OK I thought D'Angelo would win best R&B video. He lost to that wack ass "Say My Name". I'm just confused. MTV confused me. Sisqo is not Hip Hop. Why did they even nominate Sisqo in that category????? Why did they nominate D'Angelo at all??? I'm glad he didn't perform. MTV is Garbage!!! That entire show was a longer version of TRL with some live performances thrown in. MTV is WACK!!!

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How to perform the KHO as displayed by the Tao to the Pooh

1)It takes a small body and a quick mind to perfect it.

2)You must have on a shin length skirt.

3)And with one quick kick of your leg...You too can Knocka Haka Out :)

Silver To D'Angelo at Macy*s:
"Here, You read that Boo." Tap Tap Tap :D

That was some funny shit!!! REGULATE!!!