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Topic subjectRE: I'm sorry but Enima(pun intended)
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21742, RE: I'm sorry but Enima(pun intended)
Posted by guest, Fri Sep-08-00 07:34 AM
>>i was glad for eminem,
>>cause he's from my hometown
>>detroit, and he always represent.
>Did not deserve that best male
>video award. D was
> supposed to take that
>home-hands down!!! MTV gave
>out those awards based on
>sales. I know D
>will win the TRUE awards
>(Soultrain, Grammys), and Rolling Stone
>is also giving him his

oh no, don't get me wrong, if you ask me, d' was suppose to take all dem mofo's home, hands down fo real!!!!! i don't condone any of the shit that eminem says in his lyrics, but it just sounds nice when he represent and let the word detroit come out his mouth, cause that's where i'm from, not that it's any big deal, it just sounds good. sheeitttt actually i shed a couple of tears cause my boo didn't win. sheeittt i'm trying to locate carson daly now and be like wtf?!!!!!!!!! but hey what do you expect when it's a damn mtv. can't nobody handle d' he holds legendary status.