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Topic subjectRE: D didn't win a DAMN thang at mtv vmas...
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21740, RE: D didn't win a DAMN thang at mtv vmas...
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-07-00 07:09 PM
yeah, i was pretty damn pissed!!!!! i had been praying constantly. but that's aight, even though i know he wanted to win, i know he ain't sweatin' that shit. he's a soul king, and mtv ain't got shit to do with that type of music, cause they don't know real shit like dat!! anyway, d' just finished a 67 date tour!!!! so sheeittt, mtv wasn't shit to worry about. he got much love and winnings from us, his soul family. but turning the chapter, i was glad for eminem, cause he's from my hometown detroit, and he always represent.