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Topic subjectRE: MTV Awards=Skankiest Night of the Year
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21739, RE: MTV Awards=Skankiest Night of the Year
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-07-00 07:35 PM
The Skank survival kit and stupid assumptions.

A manager: mother, father, or complete outsider..A personal trainer...Some stupid azz who will pay for him...A designer who will give you shit on loan or credit.. Weave optional, as well as matching roots... LOTS OF DUCT TAPE, SPRAY ADHESIVE IS A NO NO! Remember, that is a loan you have on... Cleavage can be bought, if your equipment has not come in on time... A Choreographer. You know, one who has all
the 'hip-hop' moves? Shake that azz... No talent? No problem. It's optional... Royalties? You can count? .. What? I have to pay back that advance?
..Another poor sucker to pay that back too.