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Topic subjectMTV Awards=Skankiest Night of the Year
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21738, MTV Awards=Skankiest Night of the Year
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-07-00 07:02 PM
OK, um did u see Britney, Christina, Toni Braxton, Jennifer Lopez, Pink, Lil Kim, etc? Yea they have nice bodies but my God, talk about hoe-ville. Did u see Nelly? OMG that was crazy...his pants were like almost on the ground. I'm glad D didn't win any awards...he's too good 4 MTV anyways. He knows where he stands...he was the most talented guy there and he doesn't need an award to prove that to himself. Actually, I can't say I'm glad, I would've liked to see him win, but I'm pretty damn positive that VooDoo's gonna win some Grammy's, and that's definitly more important that the sorry-ass MTV Video Music Awards.