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Topic subjectthe funny thing is
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21737, the funny thing is
Posted by daveyg, Thu Sep-07-00 06:40 PM
it isn't mtvs audience that decides the awards and if you ever listen carefully to the backgrounds of shows on mtv they actually play tight shit....but they just don't show the video...but if you just tune out carson daly or whoever is blabbin. they play some good okayquality shit....(okay artists frequent mtv background mix quite a few times)
so yeah, i was expectin a lil love...but none
o well
he even had a commercial....in between awards...?
i might officially be the only
okayplayer from, iowa, if i'm
not...please correct me...if i am
i hope to do my state well...or

if it's not worth your time it's not
worth your thought...don't
stress...you're only hurtin yourself..

my im name....davegilbertson...
hit me up...i got lots of time