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Topic subjectRE: To tell you the truth...
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21727, RE: To tell you the truth...
Posted by guest, Thu Sep-07-00 06:05 PM
>What the hell was I hoping for in a damn white awards show, when I know damn well they don't know music?

You didn't need to take it there. Pop music is a bullshit representitive for us white folks altogether. Nothing personal, though, it's all love. And D' wins for best entertainer in all of our minds anyway, and I'm sure he can appreciate that! Peace, Love, and SOUL!!!

"It's deep soul, deep church, spiritual roots and deep jazz... I just go as far as I can inside and I bring it out. The thing the church showed me was conviction. DMX rhymes with conviction. Soul is honesty." Bilal, on his music.

"Bilal WILL be an Okayartist!!" -me

"to aim
is to take oneself too seriously
by focusing without instead of within

re arrange and re member

aim...i am

the right letters are there
it's the wrong composition"
-Saul Williams