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Topic subjecty'all suck :-) :-)
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21714, y'all suck :-) :-)
Posted by guest, Wed Sep-13-00 12:03 PM

> She needs to read
>this mushy stuff, it would
>make my day, week, month,
>and year if I were

I'm here now. When I read what y'all wrote I was so touched. Then I got some more good news and I was on Cloud 9.

For real, everything people say they get out of this site, I get out of it too (and I can kick people off of it, too! Imagine how fun that is, to be able to enjoy the cool people and kick the mean people out!).

It started with me alone in ?uest's bedroom and him overseas, but without the people who hopped in when they saw it was too much to handle alone (Shawn Gee, Doug...the help a lot of y'all gave), it'd probably be dead by now.

I'm glad some of y'all understand how one can come to be emotional over a site. It's like a Barbie Dreamhouse...except with real Kens and Skippers! And Lincoln Navigators instead of Pink Corvettes!

I'm buggin now. Back to work.



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