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Topic subjectCheck Out Angieee's article........
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21696, Check Out Angieee's article........
Posted by T2daP, Mon Sep-11-00 05:09 PM
okayplayer's Mama......We know u have been working your a*s off getting the tour ready..... all the fam appreciates the hard work that u and all the staff puts into keeping okayplayer the tightest site on the net.......We Luv U Angieee :*


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But I'm about take my earrings off
Get me some Vaseline".....Jill Scott
21697, The pic!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by MisterGrump, Mon Sep-11-00 05:19 PM
Can I be the next stalker?

Good article!!

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P. Monch
21698, is that her high school pic?
Posted by los79, Mon Sep-11-00 05:54 PM
because she has an ill baby face:

She's getting the props she deserve and that's good!

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-Rah Digga

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party over here! party over here!
party over here! fuck y'all over there!"
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crowd, What y'all waiting for?/
They said,"nothing but that phat
I got you, say no more"
-Talib Kweli
21699, She's lucky I can't find that ol' pic of her
Posted by Improv, Tue Sep-12-00 06:10 AM
You know...
THAT picture (aka the Dooky earring)

Love you, sis!

-Improv!?, da second coming of the Neo Writer, 1/2 of TWIN, and still anti-BoHo like a muthaflukka

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21700, RE: She's lucky I can't find that ol' pic of her
Posted by MicheleQJ, Tue Sep-12-00 06:47 AM
shooot-i think she might have went to my grade school...
i cant find any of my yearbooks though

hook me with some feedback - i'm workin on it


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21701, Right on, Right on c) Dilated
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-11-00 06:19 PM
Thank you, Angieee!!! Peace, Love, and SOUL!!!

"It's deep soul, deep church, spiritual roots and deep jazz... I just go as far as I can inside and I bring it out. The thing the church showed me was conviction. DMX rhymes with conviction. Soul is honesty." Bilal, on his music.

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is to take oneself too seriously
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21702, What's Up With This Girl's
Posted by guest, Mon Sep-11-00 06:26 PM
Wack ass book & shit? Haa, someone please let me know da deal with her. I aint got no time for all that reading shit, ya know. Fuck tha Okayplayer News page, I never read that long ass hell useless information anyway. Get a real job Angiee, for real tour to a job interview honey!
21703, we have a new "hater" here
Posted by JNOTA, Mon Sep-11-00 07:22 PM
whats the deal with you and hating everyone on the site, i saw a few of your posts tonight: you think "quest has a big ego" and you "hate" the new dice raw songs, you say rahzel is a "has been" and now this. do you hate your mom too?? maybe you should try trickdaddy.com?

"we put language in zoos to observe caged thought and toss peanuts and p funk at intellect. and motherfuckers think these are metaphors, i speak what i see, all words and worlds are metaphors of me" -saul williams

21704, dope...
Posted by MicheleQJ, Mon Sep-11-00 06:42 PM
glad to see angie (and the site) get some
spotlight shined up in her (thier, our) eyes :)

peace, Love, Blessings

gimme feedback - i'm workin on it


okaymattd quote1 from AIM:
"so i figured you were pimpin even harder cause you're like michele so you have a pimp name"

okaymattd quote2:
"dood, you got a pimp singing voice"

"Well, I like to eat, sleep, drink, and be in love.
I like to work, read, learn, and understand life." - Langston Hughes "Theme for English B"
21705, Angiee still ain't shit
Posted by Nesta, Mon Sep-11-00 06:49 PM

Ya heard?

Ang makes a bruh proud like I'm her daddy or something. Well she does call me....never mind!

But she is still a peeping tom. Be very careful around her folks! She's sneaky. I hear the 80 year old lady in her complex has a restraining order against her!! Apt B8 I believe!

You don't have to quote me, just pay attention to what I say!

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21706, very nice
Posted by Dove, Mon Sep-11-00 08:43 PM
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21707, dope
Posted by krewcial, Tue Sep-12-00 03:28 AM
I'll start working on okayplayer song pt. 3

I'll probably have to flip this new song though, and not just describe what happened the past few months.

Let me see if I can do it.




OKAYPLAYERSONG PT. 1 (the original baybee !!):

HOME : http://urgent.rug.ac.be/vinylators

I'm part of this too ... :

the instrumentals for my next album (in MP3-format) :

'We've got to change our own minds about each other. We have to see each other with new eyes. We have to see each other as brothers and sisters. We have to come together with warmth'

21708, Excellent!!!....n/m
Posted by Vena, Tue Sep-12-00 04:26 AM
21709, nice article...thanks for posting! nm
Posted by annastesia, Tue Sep-12-00 04:31 AM

"If there's anything I can say, to help you find your way
Touch your soul, make it whole, the same for you and I..
There's not a minute that goes by that I don't believe
that you die.. but I can feel it in the wind
The beginning or the end
But people keep your head to the sky." - Cee-Lo
21710, way ta do go angieee!!
Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Tue Sep-12-00 04:39 AM
u know we love u dearly...u're THEE shit (c) nesta

Much love,

vinyl junkies/cd confitionados...go here

"i always tell people that fame is
nothing but a good publicist, while
talent is a genuine article..." ~ Pozi
Posted by Mdfogarty, Tue Sep-12-00 04:55 AM
This article made me so happy! I love that Angieee loves this place enough to dedicate all her time and energy to making us happy OKPs!

You da (WO)MAN!!! :)
21712, yaaay angieee!
Posted by BrownSkinLady, Tue Sep-12-00 06:28 AM
I'm so proud of you! today philly2nite..tomorrow Oprah or Rosie or Ricki or Jerry lol j/k! I wish you must success...you deserve it!

click it! ;-)http://www.volunteermatch.org

21713, Where is our honoreee, Angieee?
Posted by Mdfogarty, Tue Sep-12-00 06:47 AM
I know she's been out of town, since she's not been doing the news. But, where is she when we need her to witness the positivity flowing through the boards? She needs to read this mushy stuff, it would make my day, week, month, and year if I were her.......:)
21714, y'all suck :-) :-)
Posted by guest, Wed Sep-13-00 12:03 PM

> She needs to read
>this mushy stuff, it would
>make my day, week, month,
>and year if I were

I'm here now. When I read what y'all wrote I was so touched. Then I got some more good news and I was on Cloud 9.

For real, everything people say they get out of this site, I get out of it too (and I can kick people off of it, too! Imagine how fun that is, to be able to enjoy the cool people and kick the mean people out!).

It started with me alone in ?uest's bedroom and him overseas, but without the people who hopped in when they saw it was too much to handle alone (Shawn Gee, Doug...the help a lot of y'all gave), it'd probably be dead by now.

I'm glad some of y'all understand how one can come to be emotional over a site. It's like a Barbie Dreamhouse...except with real Kens and Skippers! And Lincoln Navigators instead of Pink Corvettes!

I'm buggin now. Back to work.



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angieee ('stress)

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21715, the truth.....
Posted by soze, Tue Sep-12-00 07:43 AM

Black Thought is a programming genius.... man I seen that cat do some wild ish on a computer screen man... and that's fo treal.... Angieee is just the frontwoman!!!


bwa ha ha ah a ha ha ah ........(just joking)

congrats angieeeeeeeeeee

**soze - the poster formerly known as oKayzaSoze
21716, once again...
Posted by guest, Tue Sep-12-00 08:05 AM
yesh...angiee is the shiz-nit...include me along these ovary-riding posts...that article got me all hype n' proud like when the roots won a grammy...thatisall...siguesigue

paz y amor
"virgos are so coool............" - fire
"Eff highschool."---angieee
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21717, Angie.
Posted by jose3030, Tue Sep-12-00 12:56 PM

Congrats Angieee.
I hope this site gets to a million hits a day.
Also, we gotta start a "Okayplayer" fund, to help out.

Clicking on the ads might not just do anymore.

Hit me on the IM : jose3030
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21718, Angieee's sooooo prettyyyy ....... (nm)
Posted by guest, Tue Sep-12-00 05:12 PM
21719, You deserve all the success that comes to you...
Posted by blue23, Wed Sep-13-00 07:03 AM

Thanks for all your hard work. The site is an amazing, living, breathing, growing entity. I am an intelligent twenty-something, creative, college grad and I previously didn't spend much time on the web. But okayplayer has changed that and I feel like I learn and grow off this site... It is something special. Yall need help? Let me know. I'm already writing and not getting paid. Might as well put my talent toward something I feel.