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Topic subjectand he's from BROOKLYN! ; ] n/m
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21688, and he's from BROOKLYN! ; ] n/m
Posted by Re_Alief, Wed Sep-13-00 01:38 AM
Ré Alief ~~~> A.L.B.C.

Dickheads love to tell half a story...and that half be about the HALF they heard. 1/4 stories. - ANGieee

SUPPORT http://www.recordkingdom.com (Tankus said so! ;-))

"If you get up and make a speech supporting affirmative action — and the idea is to get people to vote for your party — but your party doesn't support affirmative action, you are engaging in political masturbation. You are jacking the community off." - Al Sharpton, on Colin Powell's appearance at the Republican National Convention, as quoted in the New York Post.