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Topic subjectit'll make him a better comedian...
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21681, it'll make him a better comedian...
Posted by spirit, Wed Sep-13-00 03:37 AM
Spread love,


Brand spanking new mothereffing audio just added 9/7/2000

"Fresh is the word." - Vice Presidential nominee Joseph Lieberman, when asked to describe his feelings on the songs at http://www.theamphibians.com

"What, are you fucking kidding me? Prison, of course." - John Gotti, when asked whether he'd rather be banned from http://www.theamphibians.com or stay in prison another 10 years.

blackplanet name: alanpage
AIM: alanpage7
e-mail: alanpage@blackplanet.com

"sleeping on the cizzurb: the homeless album" coming soon. hahah