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21072, PEACE
Posted by Jilasijah, Fri Oct-06-00 10:35 AM
That is love! I know the industry is busy and that is aiight with me that you can take time out to visit and update the boards!! We here @ Okayplayer love Jill Scott and it is good to feel her here. Take care" hidden_beach" and thank you for all the up to date information!! :-)

P.S. Can you share some of those new Jill joints?? Just askin'.

Peace and Blessings
Jill Marie

"I've learned that the greater a person's sense of guilt, the greater
his or her need to cast blame on others"- me

"why niggas don't know, but they front and don't ask?" (c) Mos Def, "Questions", (c) Common, Like Water For Chocolate