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Topic subjectRE: Nooooo, this is what I'm telling you....
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20765, RE: Nooooo, this is what I'm telling you....
Posted by label_guy, Thu Nov-09-00 03:21 PM
Noooooo, Lil Com & The Soulquarians said "This is what we are going to do".
To address your second point here's a reprint of an earlier post:
"For the record Pt. 2 - I want Com to go in the studio early next year to do an underground beats and rhymes joint to put out as a 12" promo and for sale as a preemptive strike before the "Common sold-out" whiners come out of the woodwork. That's just so the b-boys don't forget he can still do his thing."
Thus I am aware of your concerns......and I throw chairs not staplers....
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