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Topic subjectRE: my thought ???.....Please Read
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20758, RE: my thought ???.....Please Read
Posted by label_guy, Thu Nov-09-00 12:14 PM
>as is typical for the 'old
>school' way of thinking at
>record labels - they aren't
>creative enough to market something
>that sounds different.

You can't be talking about The Geto Heaven remix....That sh*t sounds like nuffin else in recent memory....In fact with ?uest & James doin it, how could it not sound different. And the video, that sh*t is so abstract/different......man you must be talking about something else and I didn't read the whole thread.

>No one wants to stick their
>neck out and take chances
>anymore. Safe bets mean
>paychecks. Sissies.

5 promo singles (Dooinit, 6th Sense, Funky For You, The Light, Geto Heaven remix) and 3 videos (6th Sense, The Light, Geto Heaven) and still working a rap album (March release) from an artist whose previous albums total sales doesn't add up to the current LWFC sales is playing it safe ??? Playing it safe would have been to close shop on LWFC after "The Light" and count the cash. But MCA went back top the gambling tables. Playing it safe in the new corporate model means suicide.....its about market-share.

For the record, my anxiety re: "Geto Heaven" is going away since mixshow DJs across the country are BANGIN the record in their shows on about 50 stations so its off to a good start.

Another thing, do some of you ever think Common is doing what HE wants to do??? or do you think the evil record company is forcing Lil Com & The Soulquarians to go in the studio against their will and create some other sh*t?

For the record Pt. 2 - I want Com to go in the studio early next year to do an underground beats and rhymes joint to put out as a 12" promo and for sale as a preemptive strike before the "Common sold-out" whiners come out of the woodwork. That's just so the b-boys don't forget he can still do his thing.

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