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Topic subjectYall are pigeon-holeing Common now...
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20746, Yall are pigeon-holeing Common now...
Posted by Improv, Wed Nov-08-00 06:50 PM
-6th Sense...cool shit, got people a lil open
-The Light...cool shit, got people hella open (mostly the chicks...heard some on the line for a party say that Common is soooo cute hahaha)
-Geto Heaven Remix...Ummm...whatda...

My point, or rather question, is why pick another song that is just like the last release? Why not something uptempo? Why not Hot Shit? Why not Funky For You? How about something that's not going to play on the emotional strings of these sistas? Why Macy Grey (well I mean, seriously, I kinda figured it out...)?

I don't feel that I need to say this, but I'ma say it anyway. I have nothing but love for Common and I'm happy with the success that he's getting finally, but stop the madness.

Here's why I love Jag soo much:
"Thatís like me askin inadvertently about a guys dick like,'YEAH, I love you Boo. I love you. I hope you gotta ten inch dick!!!'. Now if yo shit is like 3 inches, you gonna be feelin some type of way. Subconsciously, you will go through some type of scaring cause youíll be like, like, 'Damn, she would fuck me if I had a ten inch dick, but Iím workin with a fuckin wiener'Ē