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Topic subjectYall are pigeon-holeing Common now...
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20746, Yall are pigeon-holeing Common now...
Posted by Improv, Wed Nov-08-00 06:50 PM
-6th Sense...cool shit, got people a lil open
-The Light...cool shit, got people hella open (mostly the chicks...heard some on the line for a party say that Common is soooo cute hahaha)
-Geto Heaven Remix...Ummm...whatda...

My point, or rather question, is why pick another song that is just like the last release? Why not something uptempo? Why not Hot Shit? Why not Funky For You? How about something that's not going to play on the emotional strings of these sistas? Why Macy Grey (well I mean, seriously, I kinda figured it out...)?

I don't feel that I need to say this, but I'ma say it anyway. I have nothing but love for Common and I'm happy with the success that he's getting finally, but stop the madness.

Here's why I love Jag soo much:
"Thatís like me askin inadvertently about a guys dick like,'YEAH, I love you Boo. I love you. I hope you gotta ten inch dick!!!'. Now if yo shit is like 3 inches, you gonna be feelin some type of way. Subconsciously, you will go through some type of scaring cause youíll be like, like, 'Damn, she would fuck me if I had a ten inch dick, but Iím workin with a fuckin wiener'Ē
20747, astute observation...
Posted by Mosaic, Wed Nov-08-00 06:54 PM
a more boombappish remix would be tres good to hear...

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Posted by UrbanCowgRRL, Wed Nov-08-00 08:06 PM
that is the JOINT..shudda been released right after the sucess of 'the light'..and do those that sing the hook help..i think they would have..and it's uptempo..and just plain dOpe

Much love,

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20749, funky for you
Posted by atruhead, Thu Nov-09-00 03:18 AM
Since I first heard it I felt this shoulda been a single, Im tellin you cats that are like 26 n up that are frustrated with they way the current scene is, they woulda been checkin for this one. Plus its a bangin party track for any scene except the nelly/ja rule crowd
20750, Funky for You
Posted by ASTRO, Thu Nov-09-00 03:22 AM
Yeah this should have been the next single or at least an single. It's easily the song that grab my attention on the album.

20751, RE: Funky for You...
Posted by guest, Thu Nov-09-00 01:31 PM
...was the b-side to "The light".
20752, Aww damn...they messed up right there *ducks LG's stapler*
Posted by Improv, Thu Nov-09-00 02:37 PM
***Beware the ides of November...Native #2 is coming***
20753, funky for u
Posted by fire, Thu Nov-09-00 05:09 AM
i told those fools!


the funk will not be televised
the funk will not be plagiarized
the funk will not be sampled
the weak will all be trampled
the funk will not be duplicated
the funk will not be conjugated
the funk will only be recorded
the weak will not be rewarded
the power of the funk compels u
stay tuned for the future of the funkÖÖÖ..

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20754, girls buy records n/m
Posted by Guinness, Thu Nov-09-00 07:50 AM
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20755, "I saw the same thing happen to Kane..." n/m
Posted by Improv, Thu Nov-09-00 08:03 AM
***Beware the ides of November...Native #2 is coming***
20756, ll cool common
Posted by fire, Thu Nov-09-00 08:55 AM

20757, my thought is
Posted by Dove, Thu Nov-09-00 09:08 AM
as is typical for the 'old school' way of thinking at record labels - they aren't creative enough to market something that sounds different.
No one wants to stick their neck out and take chances anymore. Safe bets mean paychecks. Sissies.
~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

20758, RE: my thought ???.....Please Read
Posted by label_guy, Thu Nov-09-00 12:14 PM
>as is typical for the 'old
>school' way of thinking at
>record labels - they aren't
>creative enough to market something
>that sounds different.

You can't be talking about The Geto Heaven remix....That sh*t sounds like nuffin else in recent memory....In fact with ?uest & James doin it, how could it not sound different. And the video, that sh*t is so abstract/different......man you must be talking about something else and I didn't read the whole thread.

>No one wants to stick their
>neck out and take chances
>anymore. Safe bets mean
>paychecks. Sissies.

5 promo singles (Dooinit, 6th Sense, Funky For You, The Light, Geto Heaven remix) and 3 videos (6th Sense, The Light, Geto Heaven) and still working a rap album (March release) from an artist whose previous albums total sales doesn't add up to the current LWFC sales is playing it safe ??? Playing it safe would have been to close shop on LWFC after "The Light" and count the cash. But MCA went back top the gambling tables. Playing it safe in the new corporate model means suicide.....its about market-share.

For the record, my anxiety re: "Geto Heaven" is going away since mixshow DJs across the country are BANGIN the record in their shows on about 50 stations so its off to a good start.

Another thing, do some of you ever think Common is doing what HE wants to do??? or do you think the evil record company is forcing Lil Com & The Soulquarians to go in the studio against their will and create some other sh*t?

For the record Pt. 2 - I want Com to go in the studio early next year to do an underground beats and rhymes joint to put out as a 12" promo and for sale as a preemptive strike before the "Common sold-out" whiners come out of the woodwork. That's just so the b-boys don't forget he can still do his thing.

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20759, dang LG
Posted by Dove, Thu Nov-09-00 12:36 PM
it was just my opinion - knowing some folks who've worked at these labels - past & present - I have seen few of them really want to take risks. That's not saying they don't work hard.
As far as Common goes, the whole album is lovely, so I personally don't care which song comes as the next single. I'm not whining one bit - just making a speculation about some things I've seen and heard.
I do apologize if I offended you by what I said - just didn't expect such an emotional response. You should know by now that I show much love and support for the artists on this site.
~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

20760, RE: dang LG...sorry
Posted by label_guy, Thu Nov-09-00 12:51 PM
Sorry Dove, all that wasn't meant for you. The whining part especially was'nt directed to you either. I'm just protective of artists I deal with and sometimes when cats make statements regarding artists, labels, etc., I just try to give them the uncut so they can formulate perhaps a more informed opinion regarding certain situations. Also it depends what meeting I just got out of or what call I just got off and sometimes it flows.......I always try to keep my personal opinions in check...just the facts.
By the way, I save saying the "ill" sh*t for my alter ego board identity.....
Doing my job since 1991
20761, Hammer! Don't hurt 'em!
Posted by REDeye, Thu Nov-09-00 12:57 PM
Hee hee hee.


Rule # 4080 is soooo last millennium.
20762, I feel ya
Posted by Dove, Thu Nov-09-00 01:26 PM
I have days like that too. And I feel you 100% on the protective part.

~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

20763, man...
Posted by Quez, Thu Nov-09-00 12:38 PM
Common, Black Thought, Dice Raw (freestyle is his nitch anyway), etc... should all change the GAME as it is and release a Straight up freestyle album. Guest apperances buy Supernat, The Lootpack, Mos, Words, Juice, Kweli, Eminem, Redman, etc....

I mean, what are you cats waitin for? somebody else to do it first? You have a rediculous live band, and some of the best Freestylers in the game at your disposal... make it muthafuckin happen!

You actin like I'm speakin Mexican (c) Black Thought


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20764, Sooooo you're telling me that Com was like "Cool, let's put out Geto Heaven"?
Posted by Improv, Thu Nov-09-00 02:34 PM
Hell if that's the case, release A Song for Assata
Ok that was a joke (kinda), I'm just saying it seemed TOOOOO formulated. You got the Light out..cool, you got the Light rmx...ummm ok still cool...Geto Heaven rmx...ok what's going on here. It appears to be a milking thang going on here.

Like I said before...Com, milk it for all it's worth cuz it's been a long time coming. Just don't become another Father MC, Big Daddy Kane, LL and lose that fire just for the female audience because they will leave too...

***Beware the ides of November...Native #2 is coming***
20765, RE: Nooooo, this is what I'm telling you....
Posted by label_guy, Thu Nov-09-00 03:21 PM
Noooooo, Lil Com & The Soulquarians said "This is what we are going to do".
To address your second point here's a reprint of an earlier post:
"For the record Pt. 2 - I want Com to go in the studio early next year to do an underground beats and rhymes joint to put out as a 12" promo and for sale as a preemptive strike before the "Common sold-out" whiners come out of the woodwork. That's just so the b-boys don't forget he can still do his thing."
Thus I am aware of your concerns......and I throw chairs not staplers....
Doing my job since 1991
20766, Ok
Posted by Improv, Thu Nov-09-00 05:13 PM
>Thus I am aware of your


and I throw chairs not
Ummm...I'll remember that...thanks for the heads up ;-)

***Beware the ides of November...Native #2 is coming***
20767, Label Guy is so gangsta!
Posted by spirit, Thu Nov-09-00 05:17 PM
>I want Com to go
>in the studio early next
>year to do an underground
>beats and rhymes joint to
>put out as a 12"
>promo and for sale as
>a preemptive strike before the
>"Common sold-out" whiners come out
>of the woodwork. That's just
>so the b-boys don't forget
>he can still do his

First I find out you were responsible for the "Jack Frost" white labels, now this...goddamn, you get my Industry B-Boy of the Year Award.

Spread love,


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