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Topic subjectGeto Heaven Video Stream
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20728, Geto Heaven Video Stream
Posted by label_guy, Thu Nov-30-00 08:53 AM
for those without cable or satellite TV:
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20729, thanks label guy
Posted by the_fifth, Thu Nov-30-00 12:27 PM
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20730, tank'you!
Posted by guest, Thu Nov-30-00 12:39 PM
20731, RE: Geto Heaven Video Stream
Posted by MikeCzech, Thu Nov-30-00 01:00 PM
nice video! I like Macy's ODB like hair pieces (the RealPlayer fuzziness made me think it WAS ODB for a minute...)

hey LG (or anybody else), do you know what label that Red Hot Fela tribute joint is coming out on?? I NEED THAT RECORD!
20732, thanks l_g
Posted by jose3030, Thu Nov-30-00 01:17 PM

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20733, thank you...
Posted by daveyg, Thu Nov-30-00 01:41 PM
i dig, i dig, as if y'all care, thanks jose...

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20734, man, i LOVE that beat!!!
Posted by TinkyWinky, Thu Nov-30-00 02:05 PM
but i still think that hook is fuckin TERRIBLE, and the video only made it worse. for real, the "thin line" hook is better than that, damn. well, maybe not, but you know what i mean. tight video though, real nice way to approach it, very visually stimulating, not just a "video."

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Xkrh1X: lol
Gigfog: HAHAHAHa
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Xkrh1X: yeah, you didn't see, but it has his address and a contact number on the back
Gigfog: hAHAHA
Xkrh1X: "if found, please call..."
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Xkrh1X: LOL
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20735, RE: Geto Heaven Video Stream
Posted by DorianBP, Thu Nov-30-00 02:42 PM
way to come through LG baby! thanks


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20736, RE: Geto Heaven Video Stream
Posted by Imfntubby, Thu Nov-30-00 05:48 PM
Thanks LG......

check out:


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20737, nice video...
Posted by Quez, Fri Dec-01-00 02:49 AM
but that studded shirt Common had on in the beginning was just... painful to view. I almost closed the stream. But it gets much better... Nice concept but that shirt... damn!

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20738, and what was that ish Macy was wearing?!!!!!!!
Posted by el_rey, Fri Dec-01-00 03:53 AM
looked like she recently escaped from Jabba the Hutt's harem or something ...

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20739, RE: Geto Heaven Video Stream
Posted by conesbitt1, Fri Dec-01-00 03:59 AM
it was cool. reminds me of michael jackson's "rock wit you" or the jackson's "can you feel it" video. macy gray looked 100% better than she usually does. all in all, i thought it was pretty good.


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20740, I am digging this song!!!!
Posted by K_A_Wright, Fri Dec-01-00 07:22 AM
It is hot -- go on Com w/ your bad self. The beat is sick.


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20741, RE: Geto Heaven Video Stream
Posted by DorianBP, Fri Dec-01-00 09:12 AM
thanks LG!

20742, WACK!!!
Posted by Phil, Fri Dec-01-00 10:50 AM
Visually dope.....Aurally??? Macy Gray RUINS this song.....to me...she's about as out of place on this song as a Middle aged white man is at a Bloods or Crips initiation. The beat is niceness....but Macy....UGH! HORRIBLE with a capital CRAP!


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20743, it's a crime.......
Posted by StirsDsoul, Fri Dec-01-00 12:07 PM

just saw it on RapCity...how they gonna wash that down wit some "Pimp Hard" shit.......a effin' crime.....then some "Doggies' Angels" ish.....
20744, RE: it's a crime.......
Posted by spirit, Sat Dec-02-00 08:37 AM
HA!!! I thought I was the only one who saw that. From Geto Heaven to Pimp hard (a.k.a. Geto Hell). man...

i must say tho, MJG has the ill afro.

Spread love,


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20745, tight.
Posted by naame, Sun Dec-03-00 01:59 PM
tiggghhht sun and moon mess, got the 9 lights going on and mess...it did have that "can you feel it" thing going on just to have that punk funk type vibe.

shit was aight.