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Topic subjectIt's like I always say...
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20726, It's like I always say...
Posted by araQual, Fri Dec-01-00 09:53 PM
In instances such as this, some words from the once much-loved Coolio come to mind...:

"If you got beef then: eat a pork-chop".

Em is arrogant.
Reminds me of a child who's had a deprived childhood and is now taking revenge on the rest of the world for fucking him over.


"Addicted to her presence like a narcotic/Though I wonder if she ever got it - the hypnotic/That faded like a dream sequence that pursuaded/Beyond being infatuated - spiritually intoxicated/Comps are dated - I concentrated/On how to get in touch with her/Cause the fact of the matter remains that I miss the hypnotic",
-The Roots: 'The Hypnotic'.

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