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Topic subjectRE: man please...
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20722, RE: man please...
Posted by guest, Sun Dec-03-00 03:28 PM
>'Cock my hammer, spit a Comet
>like Haley
>I'll buck a three-eighty on ones
>that act shady'
>Both lines had double meanings.. that
>shit wasn't a coincidence, potnah
>'Not merely a concrete test of
>the underlying principles of the
>great republic is the Negro
>Problem, and the spiritual striving
>of the freedmen's sons is
>the travail of souls whose
>burden is almost beyond the
>measure of their strength, but
>the name of this land
>of their fathers' fathers, and
>in the name of human
>opportunity'-- W.E.B. Du Bois

yo, i agree w/ the "ones that act shady" line, but how in the hell is the haley's comet line talking about Em's daughter?? No connection whatsoever, purely coincedence.