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Posted by guest, Sat Dec-02-00 03:28 PM
>>I guess you're talking about what
>>he spit on the Wake
>>Up Show.. he spit that
>>whole verse on a mixtape.
>> All he says is
>>'Racially, I'm the antonym of
>>Eminem/ My name is, blown
>>out.. similar to the way
>>Kurt Cobain's brain is'
>>It might've been a jab
>>towards white music artists, but
>>not Eminem specifically.
>Man, come on. Everlast said "I
>buck a 380 at those
>who act shady" and Em
>is all over him. You
>don't think the above could
>be read as an Eminem
>dis? I just listened to
>the audio. That part is
>written, then Ras stumbles, admits
>he forgot the rest of
>the verse, starts freestyling and
>returns to the written later
>at a different point. No
>idea what else he might
>have written about Em, because
>he messed up right whne
>he was getting into it.
>Still, I doubt Em wants any
>part of Ras Kass on
>the mic. I think very
>few people do. Some dude
>in New York tried to
>dis Ras for "Sunset", but
>I don't think the record
>got much play (I never
>actually heard it), so I
>guess Ras didn't think it
>was worth a recorded response
>(I'm sure he'd be happy
>to see dude live on
>stage tho).
>Em versus Ras? Ras Kass by
>a landslide. Of course Ras
>would use writtens, but his
>writtens are lethal.
>Spread love,
>"You broke my head
>and you fractured my spine
>you told me
>youíd be forever mine
>you broke my law
>and there is a fine
>and itís a very vengeful kind
>And Iím stalking
>for my love
>And Iím watching
>from the buildings above
>Well, I put the rope on
>too tight
>With you in a cage,
>itís such a beautiful sight,
>Donít worry about my monkey,
>He looks,
>he wonít bite
>My vengeful love..."
>- Some dude on MTV2

yo, i agree completely. When i heard that Dilated Track, i had no fukkin' clue Ev was dissin' him until months after when Em dropped a response. Em is subliminal all the time with his disses, like i been arguing with this other guy on here about, but then he gets mad when somebody else does it? Em started this sh*t anyway to be truthful. After hearing the whole version of quitter, i must say that that song sucks horribly. It had some potential, but once the beat switches up, ITS ALL DOWNHILL. It so fukky corny. He calls Ev among other things "honky, white devil, cracker,etc." WTF??? Em is just stupid there. And he sounds so f*cking corny with that "kill whitey" sh*t. All he really talks about is his heart. I mean, sh*t, 7 minutes of talkin' sh*t about a heart condition???? Em shoulda stopped with his first dis record, cuz that wasnt that bad, but quitter is atrocious.


The guy who dissed Ras Kass was in the Jigmastas. He said something like "Hip hop started out in the park/ and Ras Kass was no part of that" or somethin' like that. Jigmastas are cool, but w/o DJ Spinna, they aint sh*t. I heard Necro stepped to Ras before, but that's probably rumor. I know Ras had minor beef w/ the Hemisfear. Peace.