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Topic subjectRE: he completely TORE Em apart!!
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20713, RE: he completely TORE Em apart!!
Posted by guest, Fri Dec-01-00 06:43 PM
>'Racially, I'm the antonym of Eminem'
><--- the supposed diss.. wow.
>'Not merely a concrete test of
>the underlying principles of the
>great republic is the Negro
>Problem, and the spiritual striving
>of the freedmen's sons is
>the travail of souls whose
>burden is almost beyond the
>measure of their strength, but
>the name of this land
>of their fathers' fathers, and
>in the name of human
>opportunity'-- W.E.B. Du Bois

i have to listen to it again, but unless i'm mistaken, he:

1. didnt finish his verse (i think he fumbled over it or some sh*t)

2. said something about his name being blown out like kurt cobain's brain. he was either talkin' about himself or em, but i think that's when he cut his verse off.

3 from what i remember from the first time i heard it, it sounded like he was tryin' to play him out.

whatever. let me go listen and then come back.