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Topic subjectRE: RAS KASS dissin Em
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20711, RE: RAS KASS dissin Em
Posted by jigga, Fri Dec-01-00 12:41 PM
Unfortunatly I'm one of those cats that only has access 2 a computer @ work and AT&T Wireless aint down w/ lettin their employees use Napster since we should be dealing w/ cell phones but anyway if theres anyone out there that can post the lyrics of Ras Kass dis 2 Eminem I would certainly appreciate it.

I'll battle you in the flesh, I'll battle you on the net, I'll battle you over the phone, you can call me collect -Canibus

I'm still official, (why) cuz I'm on a roll like toilet tissue -Ras Kass

Some think I'm clever, others think I'm the one who makes too many references 2 weather...or not. -Evidence of Dialated Peoples

They never know we enemies until they hear me say it, till their kids on the phone sayin please Daddy pay it, till their brains on the floor, mixed on the pavement. -Nas

Blow you off the atlas, as if, I caught you fuckin my wife, on my thousand dollar mattress. -Havoc of Mobb Deep

I stand out like a nigga on a hockey team...I'm Nestle when its crunch time...Weight on my shoulder, flucuates like Oprah, my refridgerator poetry's magnetic like Ultra, you could'nt hang if you was a poster. -Common