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Posted by Dove, Thu Nov-30-00 09:01 AM
from Davey D's newsletter

While Eminem is dealing with his legal woes, he may now start feeling heat from Dilated Peoples. Apparently Em and his group D-12 recorded a dis song against the group because Everlast was featured on their record 'Ears Drums Pop' remix. It was on that cut where Everlast launched some barbs against Em who then retaliated with the song 'I Remember'. Hence Em and his group D-12 went into the studios and recorded a song called 'Quitter'. According to the folks at HipHopsite.com, the song was done using a beat similar to the one used in 'I Remember' then it switched up to the beat used in 2Pac's 'Hit Em Up'. HipHopsite also reports that they had heard the song a while back but the group decided to scarp it and everyone was sworn to secrecy, put it somehow made its way onto Napster and so now the world knows.. The irony to this whole saga is that both Em's camp and Dilated's camp have folks who are close to each other.. There's no telling as to whether or not they'll go behind close doors and squash the beef.. or allow themselves to verbally battle.. Em vs Dilated.. Now that sounds like a battle.. I know one thing I've never seen Dilated back down from an emcee battle and I've seen those cats rip folks who tried to step to them.. I'm putting my bid in for the pay per view rights.. This could be better then the Presidential elections..

by Davey D

~Sheepish Lordess of Chaos~

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