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Topic subjectThat was then...this is now
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20700, That was then...this is now
Posted by CH, Fri Dec-01-00 11:35 AM

You are right, true...back in 1995. That was when Lethal said he wanted to do the next album without Muggs, and then Sen let them go. There was a small feud because when they left, they took some of the Soul Assassins family with them...

In 1996, Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again came out, bombed, and Everlast broke up the band because Lethal was busy with Bizkit and Danny was on drugs.

Now, in 1999, you can here Sen call Everlast on the Whitey Ford Sings the Blues CD and say what's up....In 2000, you can hear B-Real do a song with Everlast on the new Eat at Whitey's, a song which some say is a flat diss to Em, on B-Real's part.

Then, Muggs Presents Part II Soul Assasins, Everlast does a Muggs track "Razor to your Throat" which follows The Cypress Track.

Everlast and B-Real are collaborating on the new Rage Against the Machine bit, and are doing shows together, with SX10, Sen Dog's band.

Now, there's talk of the HOP reunion and Cypress having influence on it with Muggs, and a possible tour together...

So, their back down...

In the words of B-Real, from Eat At Whitey's:

You're talking to two who go back like chuck's, with the hand on the pump next to the big black trucks..." and even, "You ungrateful, most hateful, bleach nigga's..."



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