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Topic subjectRE: Eminem Disses Dilated Peoples
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20691, RE: Eminem Disses Dilated Peoples
Posted by CH, Thu Nov-30-00 05:10 AM
First off, I've read forever, and seen, that Everlast is one of the best freestylers in the business, hands down...And then, everyone is overlooking the HOP reunion soon (which Lethal will probably be apart of but Muggs will have his hand in), as well as the new XSupermodels release, in which I am sure Danny will end coming out against Em. And to have Danny Boy O'Connor, and Everlast on your ass, I think you're gonna have a bad day....

GO download Get Em Up, by XSupermodels, off napster...Danny is the guy that doesn't have the deep voice.

Everlast's diss to Em was one of the most clever battle raps I've heard in a long time. See, Em rhymes like a child...I'm still waiting on "I'm rubber your glue.." lines to come out of his mouth...Ev's made sense, hit a variety of topics, and dissed him plain. Em was able to talk about his heart problem, and a few white muslim irish comments, and age comments...nevermind Ev is 30 and Em is 26. I'm sure every highschool dropout with died blonde hair pumping gas is happy for Em's diss...

But at the base, they remember who came out first, who gave them hope for white kids in rap....House of Pain.

Secondly, I'd hate to see this go bicoastal. "Eminem has Dre", somebody told me today. Haha....

ok, can you say Soul Assassin Family? Can you say West Coast and East Coast love for Everlast? Haha! Can you say Cypress Hill? This is humorous...does no one remember B-Real going to Cube's house and knockin his ass out? What's Dre gonna do...hit him with a toy gun?

Em needs to watch himself with Suge and the boys...coz if Everlast sees him, he's gonna beat his ass...up front, there you go...Suge will have his ass just shot. How many times have they warned Dre and Em about using Pac reference?

Ok, now, for Dilated....Ok, so, is Eminem going to memorize his lyrics before he goes in to battle with Evidence? Shiiit...How quickly we forget all of the artists who have called out Eminem for writing his shit before a freestyle session?

Remember this quote..."I say make the right music, then your money's earned."


In the end, no matter what...you have a bunch of fat guys and one skinny white asshole who are trying to rap under a real
has-been, Dre...and you have real rhymers, like the Dilated crew, and someone with more props and experience and friends than most cats in the business, Everlast.

It's gonna be a long one...SMILE!


"Straight out the gate with a chestplate..."

"What's yours is yours and I take what's mine/It's about organized fuckin' crime"
-Lordz of Brooklyn

"While you busy raggin' on all the people you blasted, I'm askin' how many days have you fasted?"