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Topic subjectRE: yameen...i got a Q
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20687, RE: yameen...i got a Q
Posted by guest, Thu Nov-30-00 02:47 AM

the cut defari did dissing aristotle was a collabo he did with Quamallah, a west coast underground head cool with the liks, etc. It's called "bass murder". I never heard the full song, just the snippet hiphopsite had about 2 years ago. I asked Defari personally about it, and we was buildin' on it for a good 10 minutes.

And there was beef between the Liks and Em, but like i said, it was a misunderstanding. Either they themselves, or their peoples were in Detroit and confronted Em about it. Eminem spoke about on the wakeupshow before to clear things up and squash any unecessary beef. But the way he spoke about it, he made it clear, he wanted no beef with the liks. Em himself dissed Aristotle on the wakeupshow for getting him involved, but regardless, THE LIKS DID SEE EM ABOUT IT, AND HE CLEARLY WANTED NO PART OF THEM.

As far as ras kass, you can hear his verse on Napster if you have it. It's labeled under wakeupshow freestyle i think. As you may have guessed, ras aint too fond of white folks to begin with. He spit some sh*t like "I'm the antonym of Eminem/ Hi! my name is/ blow him out like Kurt Cobain's brain is"