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Topic subjectRE: yameen...i got a Q
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20686, RE: yameen...i got a Q
Posted by spirit, Wed Nov-29-00 08:29 PM
wait, wait, where did ras kass dis eminem? where did that happen? and I dunno about that Likwit Crew story. Defari is capable of handling himself and I hear he did a dis track on Aristotle. The Likwit Crew doesn't go around beating people up, if that's what you're implying. They're real cool brothers. Were you implying that they threatened to beat Em up? Those dudes are emcees, they would battle on the mic, not beat eminem down for something *aristotle* said. i gotta wonder about that story.

anyone here hear defari's cut dissing aristotle?

also, em did a song with xzibit recently and they both roll with dre. i don't think dre would let his peoples beef after he personally was in the midst of the NWA breakup (which didn't have to happen if Eazy woulda paid everyone right, but that's another thread). dre seems like a peaceful cat who avoids beef recently. he used to start shit in the past, but he hasn't beefed with anyone since "chronic" in 92 (and only people who dissed him first).

Spread love,


"You broke my head
and you fractured my spine
you told me
youíd be forever mine
you broke my law
and there is a fine
and itís a very vengeful kind
And Iím stalking
for my love
And Iím watching
from the buildings above
Well, I put the rope on too tight
With you in a cage,
itís such a beautiful sight,
Donít worry about my monkey,
He looks,
he wonít bite
My vengeful love..."

- Some dude on MTV2