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20681, RE: Likwit Logic 101
Posted by guest, Fri Dec-01-00 07:23 PM
>>i wasnt ignoring your comments.
>>Dont flatter yourself.
>>While i understand the points you
>>are trying to make, I
>>just dont agree with the
>>reasoning. First, i havent
>>heard the De La disses
>>yet, but (AND SINCE WHEN
>>tongues was De La, Bushbabees,
>>Tribe, Jungle Bros, Mos, Leaders
>>of the New, and Black
>>Sheep. Ultra mag was
>>never down as far as
>>i remember) so what they
>>didnt diss ultra mag.
>Reread. I said that De La
>dissed Native tongue members, then
>said they did not retaliate
>against Ultramag. Ultramag had more
>skill on the mic than
>Jungle Brothers, yet Pos disses
>JB's prominently.

uh, NO. actually, that's not what you said. you wrote, "De La dissed some of the Native Tongues but held back on Ultrmagnetic." anybody unfamiliar with this track (like i already admitted to being) would take that to mean that de la were on a track dissing NT and ignoring UltraMag IN THAT PARTICULAR SONG.

>Yes. Something like: "You're 3 ft
>high and sinking", among other
>things, on an Ultramagnetic track.
>>THAT POINT. if kool
>>keith had been on a
>>track dissing de la, then
>>maybe you would have a
>He was, so I do. Keep
ok. i now agree with that point. It wasnt clarified. On to the next parts.

>>2. Em's fake ass "i
>>dont give a fukk attitude"
>>would lead me to believe
>>that he isnt scared or
>>at the least hesistant of
>>dissing anybody, not picking and
>>choosing his battles (no pun
>>intended). He obviously chooses
>>who to beef w/ from
>>pop icons, to lesser known
>>emcees. He can diss
>>other cats subliminaly (DMX,No Limit,
>>etc. but gets pissed when
>>Everlast does it?? Please....)
>Name hip-hop beef he started. As
>I said in the previous
>post, most emcees he dissed
>started beef with him. Refute
>this first.

Lauryn Hill, Vanilla Ice (you can laugh if you want, but ice recorded a track dissin him as a response, etc. but i'll even give you some slack on this one away cuz who hasnt dissed ice?),
questionably everlast (ev's response on dilated was supposedly in response to "i dont give a f*ck), and as i said, he does the same sh*t everlast did, i.e. diss somebody w/o saying their name. If he gets pissed when Ev does it, why do it himself? "that sh*t i spit on dilated hurt your pride?"--everlast

>Second, think about this. The Likwit
>Crew actually organizes a trip
>to fly to Detroit and
>talk shit to/threaten Eminem.

they were in Detroit. It doesnt necessarily mean they went out on an eminem hunt. Maybe they had business, shows, etc. to do.

>grounds for this were that
>Eminem was white and happened
>to be in the studio
>at the same time as

wrong again. Aristotle was mouthing off saying he was down w/ Em, BECAUSE EM BROUGHT HIM INTO THE STUDIO. This was after he dissed Defari. So the grounds were, somebody supposedly down w/ em is dissing somebody he never even meant before (defari). Like i said, I TALKED TO DEFARI PERSONALLY ABOUT ARISTOTLE. i know what the fukk i'm talking about here. and if i'm not mistaken, Aristotle is doing the ken kaniff skit on the slim shady LP. well, the credits say aristotle, but it might be another person. regardless, em severed any ties he had w/ aristotle on the wakeupshow a few weeks after.

Now, this brings
>up two points: 1. This
>action was way less justified
>than was Em's dis of

how is it? you just jumped to the second point without explaining the first one.

2. If Eminem's experience
>with Likwit Crew and extended
>fam is they automatically assume
>beef on those weak grounds,

what weak grounds? if you're boy disses me, and has never even meant me, i wouldnt be justified in at least asking you "what the fukk is up w/ ya man?"

>it makes more sense that
>he would take Dilated's allowing
>Everlast to dis Eminem on
>their OWN ALBUM to be
>worthy of retaliation. I mean,
>that looks a lot less
>neutral then simply being the
>same complexion and in the
>same freestyle session.

maybe em is still sore over the situation, but i doubt that, seeing how he blatantly denied any connects to aristotle. If you say you aint got sh*t to do w/ somebody's beef, YOU SHOULDNT BE WORRIED ABOUT IT ANY LONGER. but yet you continually try to depict dilated as belonging to this beef in any shape or fashion. How is what they were doing (playing switzerland in your analogy) any different than what Em did on the wakeupshow?? Come on son, you cant have your cake and eat it too.

>Next, they feel the need to
>roll mad deep to confront
>one short, skinny white boy?

i just know some of the crew (and it didnt necessarily have to be the emcees. All headz in a crew dont rhyme.) and i dont know how deep they were, i wasnt in detroit with them.

>Are they too bitch to
>think Defari can't hold his
>own against Em? They need
>a whole crew to do
>whatever they were going to
>do? And you call Em
>a bitch?

this beef was about Aristotle. Em was just a connecting factor who could have contributed to the beef. And it aint about "needing" a whole crew. Have you ever had beef w/ other people who had clicks, etc.? So when you step to them w/ your peeps to get some explanation, are you being a b*tch as well? Of course not. It's called family.

Let's assume that
>the reason they rolled so
>deep, despite their "we'll knock
>you out"(Xzibit, Tash) claims on
>many albums, is because they
>were to scared to let
>one of their crew go
>one on one with Eminem.
>I'm using the same criteria
>you did. They claim X,
>they did a cowardly version
>of it, and failed to
>show any evidence that they're
>not scared to do exactly
>what their claim was.

i have no idea what the fukk you are talking about there. Not that you dont have a point, but that sh*t makes no sense, in the grammatical sense. Please clarify.

>>he aint said sh*t about sway
>>and tech. SWAY
>> they gave him much
>>exposure, and he never returned
>>the favor, which sway was
>>extremely pissed at. Did
>>em respond?? FUKK NO.
>Um, didn't he do "Get You
>Mad" for them? Wasn't Em
>busy with: A the Dr.
>Dre album. B. A tour.
>Didn't they get kicked off
>the air? Why dis
>someone that fell off the
>radar? That's kicking them while
>they're down and irrelevant.

get mad at you was recorded in the spring of '99. the MM LP dropped in the spring of 2000. A whole year apart. Where was Dre recording???? Come on man, that's the most flimsy excuse for not showing love i've ever heard. That's exactly what sway was pissed about, the attitude that "I'm too busy or important to drop by the wakeupshow". furthermore, DRE HEARD A TAPE OF EM ON THE WAKEUPSHOW. They have done more for him the he ever could for sway and tech. You dont want me to start naming heads that were busy touring or making albums that had the courtesy to drop by and show love. I'm sure Rza is a zillion times more busy than Em was, and he DJ'ed the wakeupshow for a good 5 weeks or so while he was recording the bobby digital LP. Just one example. Your argument holds no weight.

and the wakeupshow was yanked LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AGO. On top of that, IT WASNT CANCELLED, IT WAS "CANCELLED", they lost the 92.3 broadcast. They still had MILLIONS of listeners. I live in Jerzey and i still could get every last show. When you're syndicated, losing one broadcast doesnt put too much of a hamper in your step, even if it is your mother station.

>Then again, whether he disses Sway
>back or not is irrelevant.
>Count up all the people
>that dissed Em, then compare
>it to who he's dissed
>back. Then compare this percentage
>to other emcees that got
>dissed. His percentage is higher
>than many others in the
>same position. Few MC's get
>around to dissing everybody back.
>Canibus and De La are
>prime examples.

it aint about "dissing" sway. He could just address the situation. I wouldnt want him to diss him anyway, but an explanation for the cold shoulder should be the least he could do for them. Your percentage analogy is baseless as hell. You gotta be more specific than that. Who are you talking about, etc.? If you mean to imply that emcees dont necessarily diss those that diss them back, why would em respond to everlast? And who other than Truck Turner and that cat from D-12 ever dissed canibus? and i think canibus addressed the truck turner/krs situation before.

Pos got yanked
>off the stage by Treach
>and never dropped a anti-Naughty
>dis song. Are they all
>bitches too?

why dont you tell the whole story? From Treach's understanding, THEY HAD RECORDED A DIS SONG. TREACH TOOK WHAT THEY SAID ABOUT THEM AS A DISS. Anyway, this beef has been squased for ages. What's your point?

>You may feel like Em personally
>betrayed you by going platinum,
>but don't let your anger
>make you make claims that
>you can't back up effectively.
EM only betrayed me by betraying my wallet with the Slim Shady LP. I learned my lesson after hearing cuts off his second LP. And he IS betraying people who enjoyed his earlier brand of music. Please dont use the tired ass argument of me feeling betrayed because an artist went gold or platinum. Do you really think i give a sh*t how much an artists sells if they're music is pleasing to me? Soundscan is full of sh*t anyway, why would i ever listen to them? So as far as em is concerned, Toss him in the pile with Ice Cube, Nas, Jay-Z, Mic Geronimo, and a sh*tload of other talented emcees turned wannabe pop stars.

oh, other than the 1 or 2 points i agreed with you on, i think i more than effectively backed up my position.

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