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Topic subjectLikwit Logic 101
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20680, Likwit Logic 101
Posted by nonseq, Fri Dec-01-00 01:54 PM

>i wasnt ignoring your comments.
>Dont flatter yourself.
>While i understand the points you
>are trying to make, I
>just dont agree with the
>reasoning. First, i havent
>heard the De La disses
>yet, but (AND SINCE WHEN
>tongues was De La, Bushbabees,
>Tribe, Jungle Bros, Mos, Leaders
>of the New, and Black
>Sheep. Ultra mag was
>never down as far as
>i remember) so what they
>didnt diss ultra mag.

Reread. I said that De La dissed Native tongue members, then said they did not retaliate against Ultramag. Ultramag had more skill on the mic than Jungle Brothers, yet Pos disses JB's prominently.


Yes. Something like: "You're 3 ft high and sinking", among other things, on an Ultramagnetic track.

>THAT POINT. if kool
>keith had been on a
>track dissing de la, then
>maybe you would have a

He was, so I do. Keep trying.
>2. Em's fake ass "i
>dont give a fukk attitude"
>would lead me to believe
>that he isnt scared or
>at the least hesistant of
>dissing anybody, not picking and
>choosing his battles (no pun
>intended). He obviously chooses
>who to beef w/ from
>pop icons, to lesser known
>emcees. He can diss
>other cats subliminaly (DMX,No Limit,
>etc. but gets pissed when
>Everlast does it?? Please....)

Name hip-hop beef he started. As I said in the previous post, most emcees he dissed started beef with him. Refute this first.

Second, think about this. The Likwit Crew actually organizes a trip to fly to Detroit and talk shit to/threaten Eminem. Their grounds for this were that Eminem was white and happened to be in the studio at the same time as Aristotle? Now, this brings up two points: 1. This action was way less justified than was Em's dis of Dilated. 2. If Eminem's experience with Likwit Crew and extended fam is they automatically assume beef on those weak grounds, it makes more sense that he would take Dilated's allowing Everlast to dis Eminem on their OWN ALBUM to be worthy of retaliation. I mean, that looks a lot less neutral then simply being the same complexion and in the same freestyle session.

Next, they feel the need to roll mad deep to confront one short, skinny white boy? Are they too bitch to think Defari can't hold his own against Em? They need a whole crew to do whatever they were going to do? And you call Em a bitch? Let's assume that the reason they rolled so deep, despite their "we'll knock you out"(Xzibit, Tash) claims on many albums, is because they were to scared to let one of their crew go one on one with Eminem. I'm using the same criteria you did. They claim X, they did a cowardly version of it, and failed to show any evidence that they're not scared to do exactly what their claim was.

>he aint said sh*t about sway
>and tech. SWAY
> they gave him much
>exposure, and he never returned
>the favor, which sway was
>extremely pissed at. Did
>em respond?? FUKK NO.

Um, didn't he do "Get You Mad" for them? Wasn't Em busy with: A the Dr. Dre album. B. A tour. Didn't they get kicked off the air? Why dis someone that fell off the radar? That's kicking them while they're down and irrelevant.

Then again, whether he disses Sway back or not is irrelevant. Count up all the people that dissed Em, then compare it to who he's dissed back. Then compare this percentage to other emcees that got dissed. His percentage is higher than many others in the same position. Few MC's get around to dissing everybody back. Canibus and De La are prime examples. Pos got yanked off the stage by Treach and never dropped a anti-Naughty dis song. Are they all bitches too?

You may feel like Em personally betrayed you by going platinum, but don't let your anger make you make claims that you can't back up effectively.

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