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20678, not making sense
Posted by jsmooth995, Thu Nov-30-00 05:12 PM
>By your logic not only is
>Dilated responsible but so is
>Defari, Phil Da Agony, Joey
>Chavez, Planet Asia, Encore and
>everyone else who has ever
>appeared on ABB records.

No that is completely different logic, if it is indeed logic at all. Merely being on the same label is in no way comparable to you as an individual artist inviting someone to collaborate with you on a song that is coming out with your name on it. This analogy is bankrupt.

Dilated has no control or input as to what labelmates do on their recordings, so they have no responsibility for that. They do however have control over who they invite onto their own record, and they have the power to approve or disapprove of the message these guests deliver. Whatever you allow to be heard on your own record you should be ready to take responsibility for it.

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