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Topic subjectYou need a ghostwriter:
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20673, You need a ghostwriter:
Posted by nonseq, Thu Nov-30-00 04:26 PM
Look, last time I checked: The Platform was a Capitol Records release. ABB? You're trying too hard. That's beside the point though.

Anyway, I said it was Dilated's album and they provided the forum for Whitey to dis Em. You're extending with no logic whatsoever. Let me explain.

If you use jsmooth's Switzerland analogy in the earlier post on this thread, Dilated being Switzerland allowing another country to launch missiles on Swiss land, Eminem being a country that's the victim of said missiles, Switzerland is definitely fair game as far as retaliation is concerned. Now, by the same token, your contention is, that because Switzerland was dumb enough to loan land to support the military aggression, the country hit by missiles will now attack, or at least reserve the right to attack all of Europe just because it's the same land mass.

Obviously, if France and other European countries didn't loan the land to fire the missiles on, they are completely neutral and not worthy of being attacked. Such is the case with dilated vs. Em, and precisely why Planet Asia, Phil, et al., are still less worthy of retaliation than Dilated.

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