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Posted by nonseq, Thu Nov-30-00 12:08 PM
Dilated would logically be the only other party dissed in an Em comeback. It was dilated's album. Your constant mentioning of Phil Da Agony (who's actually not that nice on the mic) and others on the song is irrevelant because they're not logical targets.

jsmooth and I dealt with this in earlier posts: when you give someone a forum on your album to dis someone else, you open yourself up to be dissed. Especially when you fail to demonstrate proactively that you aren't involved and do not wish to be. Did Dilated shout out Em on the album? drop a disclaimer? Call him up and say we have nothing to do with this? Nothing until after the dis song had already been recorded. And then for Ev to say, well Everlast would beat Em down if it got physical, combined with no olive branch? Suddenly Dilated's looking less like Switzerland. Like we said earlier, Dilated brought this on themselves and failed to do anything to distance themselves from it. Ev's last comment makes it seem like he's siding with Everlast. Even if it may be true, if you're trying to stay out of beef, you just don't say things like that. Sorry.

And again, look at my other two points. It seems you conveniently ignored them. I'm not going to call De La punks for not dissing Ultrmagnetic, even thought they were more skilled than the Native Tonguers that got dissed (imagine Kool Keith on a dis track). If you think they are, by all means, declare them feminine, but your criteria still looks weak.

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