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Topic subjectRE: IT WAS DILATED'S ALBUM!!!!!!!
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20670, RE: IT WAS DILATED'S ALBUM!!!!!!!
Posted by guest, Thu Nov-30-00 11:36 AM
point being??

it doesnt matter if it was a compilation, soundtrack, single, etc. The point of the verse is what's relevant, not who's album it was on. When dilated were on MTV, they said the same exact thing. That everlast came in, spit, and left. They didnt know he was gonna dis em, but they said they wouldnt stop or censor him either, if he said something political they didnt agree with.

I could just as easily use your logic that since it was dilated's album, he shoulda dissed planet asia, because he appeared on the song which dissed eminem. WAS THE ENTIRE PLATFORM LP A DISS TOWARDS EM? of course not, one verse, which dilated had absolutely nothing to do with.

And if Em heard about this dilated LP, which on his diss track, he claims nobody will ever hear, how could he not have heard of ras's subliminal diss?? Everlast didnt even say his name, at least ras said his name. You mean to tell me that wouldnt have gotten back to him by now?? Come on man, Em is deliberately attacking who he wants to attack. He wouldnt go after Ras anymore than he would Phil Da Ag or Defari, cuz he knows better. For all his talk, Em still knows not to go down certain paths, and that's exactly why i consider him fake to an extant.