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Topic subjectIT WAS DILATED'S ALBUM!!!!!!!
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20669, IT WAS DILATED'S ALBUM!!!!!!!
Posted by nonseq, Thu Nov-30-00 04:45 AM
So he would only dis Dilated Peoples other than Everlast, logically.

And, at the point he disses Dilated AS A GROUP, everyone's covered, including Iriscience. I mean, if I dis Wu-Tang as a group, but only single out Method, would not all of Wu-Tang feel they got dissed? The song was 7 min long already. I mean, a 10 min dis song while he tore into each member of Dilated, after ripping Everlast, might try everyone's patience.

So Iriscience is in effect dissed. Rewind, play it again, whatever you have to do until it clicks.

Then keep these three things in mind:

1. Em might not have heard of the Ras Kass dis yet. Few people have, actually.

2. No one responds to every dis they get. Canibus hasn't responded to half the disses he got. De La dissed some of the Native Tongues but held back on UltraMagnetic. Priority wise, you go for the ones you're most offended by or those of the highest profile.

3. How many black emcees have dissed Eminem? Cage started beef, everlast started beef, ICP tried to bring it, even Christina brought it on her self. The white emcees started beef with Em, not the other way around. If Ras Kass is the only one, than the odds are greater Em would dis white emcees because it's been mostly white emcees that started it. As a pure percentage, he's doing well on responses.

You need better evidence than that.

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