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Topic subjectRE: Em's a bitch?
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20668, RE: Em's a bitch?
Posted by guest, Thu Nov-30-00 02:39 AM
yo, if that reply is for me, i said em was a bitch because he only calls out white emcees and pop icons. As much wack sh*t as there is out there, and he wants to go after the littlest fish he can catch.

There were 7 different individuals responsible for "Ear Drums Pop" remix, and who does he choose to attack? Everlast and Evidence, the two white emcees, and also in my opinion, the two who pose the least threat to Em. He didn't call out Planet Asia, he didn't call out Defari, he ain't call out Rakaa or Phil Da Ag, or Babu. So why does he diss Evidence? Because he chose the b*tch route. Ras Kass dissed him. Would he ever respond? Not unless he wants the worst lyrical beatdown in hip hop history.