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Topic subjectRE: yameen...i got a Q
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20666, RE: yameen...i got a Q
Posted by guest, Wed Nov-29-00 06:04 PM
>likwit crew is:
>Liks (E-Swift, Tash, J-Ro)
>King Tee
>Lootpack (Madlib/Quasimoto, DJ Rome, Wildchild)
>Barbershop MC's (Phil Da Agony, Chuck
>Hustle, Chocolate Tye, some other
>cats too, i forget their
>affiliates of the likwit camp:
>Dilated Peoples
>For those that don't know, way
>back in '98, the Liks
>had beef w/ Eminem, and
>flew out to detroit.
>Eminem was on the wakeupshow
>w/ Everlast, Dilated Peoples, Defari,
>and some white boy named
>Aristotle. Out of nowhere
>during the session, Aristotle started
>dissing Defari. Everybody was
>shocked cuz they aint even
>know each other, evey sway
>and tech were kinda stunned.
> The Likwit camp thought
>Aristotle was down w/ Em,
>which he wasnt, so they
>flew out to Detroit deep
>as hell to confront Em
>on it. Em from
>what i hear pussied out
>and basically said it was
>a misunderstanding. He isnt
>down w/ Aristotle anyway, but
>the Liks probably took his
>I talked to Defari about this
>incident personally last year when
>he was on that tour
>w/ Xzibit and Phife Dog.
> I know the deal
>about that situation.
>Em's a b*tch. He didnt
>mention Phil Da Agony, Defari,
>Iriscience, or Planet Asia, and goes
>straight for the "white" looking
>emcees. If that aint
>a b*tch move, i dont
>know what is. I
>heard a few black cats
>dissed Eminem, namely Ras Kass.
> Somebody else (i forget
>who) called him out for
>talkin' sh*t about Lauryn Hill.
>I wonder what Xzibit thinks of
>all this sh*t.