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Topic subjectRE: yameen...i got a Q
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20665, RE: yameen...i got a Q
Posted by guest, Wed Nov-29-00 06:01 PM

likwit crew is:

Liks (E-Swift, Tash, J-Ro)
King Tee
Lootpack (Madlib/Quasimoto, DJ Rome, Wildchild)
Barbershop MC's (Phil Da Agony, Chuck Hustle, Chocolate Tye, some other cats too, i forget their names)

affiliates of the likwit camp:
Dilated Peoples

For those that don't know, way back in '98, the Liks had beef w/ Eminem, and flew out to detroit. Eminem was on the wakeupshow w/ Everlast, Dilated Peoples, Defari, and some white boy named Aristotle. Out of nowhere during the session, Aristotle started dissing Defari. Everybody was shocked cuz they aint even know each other, evey sway and tech were kinda stunned. The Likwit camp thought Aristotle was down w/ Em, which he wasnt, so they flew out to Detroit deep as hell to confront Em on it. Em from what i hear pussied out and basically said it was a misunderstanding. He isnt down w/ Aristotle anyway, but the Liks probably took his heart.

I talked to Defari about this incident personally last year when he was on that tour w/ Xzibit and Phife Dog. I know the deal about that situation.

Em's a b*tch. He didnt mention Phil Da Agony, Defari, Iriscience, or Defari, and goes straight for the "white" looking emcees. If that aint a b*tch move, i dont know what is. I heard a few black cats dissed Eminem, namely Ras Kass. Somebody else (i forget who) called him out for talkin' sh*t about Lauryn Hill.

I wonder what Xzibit thinks of all this sh*t.