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Topic subjectyameen...i got a Q
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20664, yameen...i got a Q
Posted by guest, Wed Nov-29-00 04:42 PM
>Dilated and Barbershop are all part
>of the Likwit crew.

Maybe I shouldve done a new post and I will if no one answers me, but who exactly is in the Likwit crew? I know tash and the alkaholiks and whatnot, but then Xzibit and Defari, and Dilated...damn I could go on and on.. Anyone know the True Likwit crew??

And how I weigh in on this...Em wins. I LOOOOOVE Dilated, but Em will always come back with some funny shit that will make u go, "Damn he said that shit?" Even if it is mad stupid and not relevant, it will be funny. I do think Dilated will drop some knowledge, if they write back, which I dont see them doing. But Em got the audience and support behind him and he will take it.

BTW thanx for tellin me what Evidence's nationality was. I have met him a few times, and always wondered what he was.

BUT who is in the Likwit crew now??

WhiGoStaR-Reppin OKAYoungins since, um, a couple days ago :P