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Topic subjectRE: Eminem Disses Dilated Peoples
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20659, RE: Eminem Disses Dilated Peoples
Posted by Ill Emcee, Wed Nov-29-00 02:11 PM
Eminem had a right to diss Everlast because of that track, but I dont think that Dilated Peoples could really change that verse. But, now he has gone the wrong way and dissed dilated and that is going to be a mistake for Eminem. Eminem would easily have taken out Everlast lyrically, but I think that Evidence would be able to destroy Eminem lyrically. And that is only half of Dilated. A combination track of the whole Dilated Peoples group dissing Eminem would be too much for Eminem and his whole D-12 group to which they cannot compare. I just want to hear Dilated's diss track because I know it will be Ill.

As for mine, I be sixty in my prime, still sciencin theories and dropping rhymes all the time.
- Evidence