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Topic subjectRE: not a Sway&Tech fan?
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20642, RE: not a Sway&Tech fan?
Posted by guest, Wed Nov-29-00 04:17 PM
>Are you forgetting that every "freestyle"
>Em used on the wakeupshow
>was also used on every
>other show he had done
>that year.

are YOU forgetting the times Eminem has ripped freestyles completely off the head that were still amazing?! Damn, you've got Napster, right? I've got audio files of Stretch Armstrong giving him random words that Em turned into rhyming sentences. So let's not try to paint a picture of him as not being as skilled a freestylist as anyone else, okay?

>Listen to Dilated's music from
>90 all the way till
>Then go listen to em's infinite.
>There are true Emcees and there
>are people who switch up
>there style to keep up
>with the trends. Real
>emcees and Djs such as
>Dilated and Bab's will always
>be around.

anytime some person starts with, "there are true emcees..." you know you're gonna hear some elitist, pretentious shit. I can't believe you've got me defending Eminem! So now true MC's never switch styles, or try to keep up with changing styles and preferences?

Please. Please. Please. Shut up. Or at least give me a list of TRUE MC's. Please. So I can show you how they changed styles. I dare you.