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20633, RE: not a Sway&Tech fan?
Posted by nonseq, Wed Nov-29-00 12:27 PM

>>Are you forgetting not too long ago Dilated and Eminem were on >the same show freestyling?
>They were at the same show,
>and now DP is the
>object of his attack. Something
>changed. Em has a different
>primary audience now.

That's more a function of Dre-produced artists being MTV locks than it is a conscious change of rhyme style. Compare the LP to the EP, not only are some songs the same, but the middle finger to everyone style is the same. DP should have left it alone. Do you think Common would let Sean Lett spit an anti-Black Thought verse on his album? Don't think so.

>I want to retract my use
>of that word. However, I
>maintain that Eminem is searching
>for approval. I personally would
>have lost respect I had
>for him when My Name
>Is, etc. dropped, and I
>think he knows this. As
>much as he is cultivating
>his style he wants everyone
>to love him, MTV, the
>fans of DP, everyone. This
>is not wrong.

I mean, he hasn't changed his style for anyone really. I'd say it's the opposite. I can make the argument that certain okayartists became progressively more pop tinged, perhaps to sell more records (i.e. replacing Jill Scott w/a more radio/video friendly Erykah Badu). Eminem doesn't succumb to any of the time-honored ways of making a quick pop hit: i.e., R&B hooks on his singles, rhyming over jacked beats, etc. Moreover, he's taken aim at many of the beloved pop staples that currently anchor TRL. He took a chance at offending many MTV viewers by dissing the boy bands, Britney, Christina, etc. I think he's pissed that a lot of people are saying that now that he's on MTV, he's pop, when other groups that clawed their way to MTV doing things that can be construed as selling out, i.e. Roots, Common, don't get half the flack.

>At this point I want to say that I feel like DP made an error in letting Everlast say what he said in the first place.
>However, the fact that they
>screwed up did not necessitate
>Em's spreading the attack to
>them. On one level, he
>was dissed by Everlast. Okay,
>perhaps a response is justified.
>But then again maybe it's
>not! Why sink to the
>level? If he has less
>than zero respect for Everlast,
>then he really shouldn't have
>felt any obligation. It could
>have been worked out otherwise.
>If you get punched by
>the school bully, do you
>have to punch back? Do
>you understand that this exacerbates
>the problem, rather than ameliorating

Depends on what your objective is. It's like when we nuked Japan. They brought it on themselves with Pearl Harbor. After we nuked them, nobody messed with us for years. We made such an example out of them that countries wouldn't mess with us for fear of being blown up. Think of the last time someone attacked American shores. Same goes for the bully. If you take a bat from the gym and beat him savagely, people may think you're psycho and never start stuff with you again. That being said, if Em destroys Everlast, maybe peeps will stop dissing him. How many peeps dare dis Common after his retort to Cube?
>Isolating the conflict to Em and
>Everlast, their continued revenge attacks
>are justified. One attacks, the
>other fights back, a cycle
>without end. Eminem had no
>reason to expand it, and
>it was his choice to
>do so. That was unneeded.

Beef records can become hip-hop classics. It's a time-honored tradition, like it or not. The Bridge is Over is classic and it was dissing the Juice Crew, etc. Sometimes it brings out the best in MC's. LL started paying attention to his lyrics after he got embarassed by Canibus. The only problem comes when people want to get physical. Other than that, beef can produce some of the best hip-hop.
>See above. Yes, they were dumb.
>Maybe Eminem should have recognized
>that they were being dumb,
>and not marking themselves for
>his attacks. He could have
>looked past it, if he
>didn't need the spotlight of
>battle - this everlast eminem
>thing is everywhere now.

He also reserved the right to look at it as backstabbing and therefore worthy of retaliation.

>Sure. He could have also called
>them up, talked it out
>with them. And for that,
>things might be stronger in
>the rap community. What kind
>of a picture do you
>think this is painting for
>the hungry media? The last
>thing hip hop needs in
>the public eye is two
>visible people telling others to
>physically attack their rival. Whether
>we recognize the words as
>words only doesn't matter to
>the strides hip hop was
>making with a positive image
>in society.

I agree that the physical threats should be left out of it. Everlast started with the "put down the mic let's fight" declaration. Again, Em reserves the right to respond in kind. Disclaimer: Em's violence has always been cartoonish in nature, and his threats to Everlast now are more of the same.
It's like this though: as long as ODB is still alive and Puffy is not in a wheelchair, forget about hip-hop making strides in the media. Moreover, rock has had its share of altercations, even attempted murders between beefing bands. Yes it's ignorant, but be glad Em and everlast haven't gotten physical as of yet. That's more of a plus, considering how Puffy ruined it for all black executives AND artists a few years ago. Truly, when you think about it's been individual artists whyling out rather than beef that's gotten hip-hop the negative publicity of late.
>NOTE: hip hop doesn't need media
>support, but why show the
>public the 0.1% of hip
>hop that is like this?
>I would love one day
>to hear The Roots or
>Talib Kweli in the mall....

That's easy. Sex, violence and drama sell. Positivity doesn't. Plus people might take umbrage to hearing the "N" word repeatedly in public through the mall speakers.
>> I'm sorry, if you print the lyrics to each dis joint, Em >wins hands down. I felt bad for everlast listening to Quitter, >and I only heard 4 minutes of it.
>I make no statements about Everlast's
>lyrical prowess. I just thought
>'Jump Around' was a good
>party jam.
No doubt, but if Em can write something like that for Everlast, Dilated doesn't stand a chance. Plus Em can cut up that DFX episode where they just gave him props. I respect Dilated, but they're in a no-win situation right here.

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