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Topic subjectRE: sorry to jump in...
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20632, RE: sorry to jump in...
Posted by jigga, Fri Dec-01-00 12:26 PM
>Drop A Gem On Em is
>about Tupac. They have a
>Keith Murray diss that I
>think is called something like
>"The War is On" or
>something to that effect. I'm
>not sure, I heard it
>on a mix tape.

Do you got that Mister Cee mix tape of Mobb's greatest hits? Any Mobb Deep fan definitly needs 2 cop it. Theres hella unrealsed shit on there w/ Xzibit,Cormega etc.. nice remixes as well.

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Some think I'm clever, others think I'm the one who makes too many references 2 weather...or not. -Evidence of Dialated Peoples

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