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20629, sorry to jump in...
Posted by Guinness, Wed Nov-29-00 12:02 PM
this shit is great. if everyone heeded your advice and called their rivals on the phone to sort out their differences, we wouldn't have "the bridge is over", "to the break of dawn", "dre day", "fuck compton", "lyte as a rock", "no vasaline", "drop a gem on 'em", "second round ko", etc. when shit escalates to violence, we've got problems...but advocating the purging of dis tracks from hiphop's collective ideology is a bitch move. who gives a fuck if the media focuses on beef instead of the other elements of the genre...i care about the music, not what MTV or "time magazine" discusses in their coverage.

i'm glad eminem brought dialated into the battle instead of picking on a former rapper turned folk singer. shit, i wish he'd named names when he mentioned all the people making money off tupac and christopher wallace like they "switched wallets". dialated can squash this and look like bitches or ante up.

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