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Topic subjectnot a Sway&Tech fan?
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20627, not a Sway&Tech fan?
Posted by nonseq, Wed Nov-29-00 11:20 AM
Are you forgetting not too long ago Dilated and Eminem were on the same show freestyling?

Are you forgetting Em patrolled the underground Circa 97?

Are you forgetting how many Rawkus/independent singles he's appeared on?

Are you forgetting Dilated was dumb enough to let Everlast start beef on THEIR record?

Are you forgetting that, during that freestyle session, Eminem blew everyone away, including Dilated, with that 5 ways to get a record deal freestyle?

Em started underground with Dilated, and probably felt betrayed by the whole incident. Wouldn't you?

I'm sorry, if you print the lyrics to each dis joint, Em wins hands down. I felt bad for everlast listening to Quitter, and I only heard 4 minutes of it.

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