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Topic subjectRE: Just heard some of it
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20625, RE: Just heard some of it
Posted by bw, Wed Nov-29-00 11:03 AM
I am sick of this Eminem BS. Okay, so him and Everlast want to go at it a little bit. In my opinion, this should have ended after the em response, because Everlast should have just realized that eminem needs to maintain his public persona by being 'bad' and attacking constantly. Nevertheless, he came back, and in the new response, 'Quitter' Eminem makes a fool of himself.

Granted, people are eating this up. Salivating at the drama of revenge. I see Eminem as starving for approval, hip-hop legitimacy. That is my opinion and it may not be shared. In bringing this beef to Dilated, he associates himself with legitimate 'underground' hip hop, far away from his MTV base.

I wouldn't be surprised at this point for Em to put out a record dissing the Beat Junkies (Babu), everyone associated with them (Rawkus), or whoever else he can get his hands on.

And he's still not skilled like Evidence. That's the bottom line, and whether Ev proves it or just disregards this trash, I know it to be true.

oh, and 'Jump Around' can still rock a party better than any Em joint.

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