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Topic subjectI heard it
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20617, I heard it
Posted by nonseq, Thu Nov-30-00 06:03 AM
It was a respectable comeback.

The first two verses in Quitter destroy everlast:
He gets clowned for having his DJ stolen by Limp Bizkit and taking it out on Fred Durst
He gets clowned for resorting to "country-western rap" to sell records after he deservedly fell off (those last HOP albums were WACK)
He gets clowned for dissing Eminem to revive his career. (Em drops a theory that may have some truth to it: feeling overshadowed by Kid Rock, and Limp Bizkit in the rap-rock realm, Everlast disses the hugely popular Eminem to get more media attention)
Plus the multi-syllable rhyme-scheme is ill as always.

Em was less cartoonish for the first two verses and really rips into everlast in a Common like manner, meaning "this is what you did, here's why you probably did it, and by the way, you're wack for doing so". Talk about disses grounded in truth; those hurt the most. Ouch.

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