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Topic subjectRE: You need to hear it all
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20616, RE: You need to hear it all
Posted by CH, Thu Nov-30-00 05:33 AM
Have you even heard Whitey's Revenge?

Let's see....some of the lines from Whitey's Revenge....

"You need to check that kid for your DNA..."
"Instead of worryin about who you should be dissin, you need to worry about who your wife's been kissin."
"With your little blonde Casear, you look like a hoe, like Eminem stands for Marylin Monroe."
"With your Candy Ass name your a Candy ass rapper."

I don't think you've heard that song...


"What's yours is yours and I take what's mine/It's about organized fuckin' crime"
-Lordz of Brooklyn

"While you raggin' on all the people you blasted, I'm askin' how many days have you fasted?"