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Topic subjectRE: listened to it again
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20606, RE: listened to it again
Posted by guest, Thu Nov-30-00 09:59 AM
>actually i got the who song
>its 6:44. One of
>the cats from D12 disses
>Rakka too. Its funny.
>the "Hit Em Up" part is
>hilarious. "honkey I hit
>em up!"
>quotes from the song:
>"get this shit out of stereo/
>dilated get violated / fuck
>around and get annihilated"
>"iriscience get choked up and yoked
>up / all you underground
>bitches get your throat cut"
It's one thing to diss Everlast. Another to diss Dilated. But when your say "all you underground bitches get your throat cut" that's when the true hip hop heads the underground cats have been given an open invitation to join the battle.

I hope the west coast underground unleashes a track with the likes of Cali Agents, Mikal Myers...... The underground is too deep to be opening up that can of works....